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1. Listen to this dialogue


2. Now read the dialogue in SB p. 16


3. Finally, listen to and read the dialogue at the same time


4. Now you're ready to do this reading comprehension quiz


VIP: Remember to write your first name, class before you start the quiz





Cláudia (6A): 7.2/10 = 72%

Feedback: (1) In answer #1 you wrote "there are" instead of "they are". (2) In #5 you say "Daisy does prefer..." instead of "Daisy prefers". Only the main verb is used in the S. Present affirmative. (3) In #7 the question starts with "when" and you answered as a "why" question with "because".

Keep it up! Nice work!



Margarida (6B): 9.2/10 = 92%

Feedback: (1) In answer #6 you forgot the subject: "Because it is fun...", not "Because is fun...". (2) In answer #7 you forgot an "s" in the S. Present: "...when Tom arrives" not "...when Tom arrive". (3) In answer #8 Daisy, Mark and Tom are going to play tennis, not just the two boys.

Great work! Keep it up!  :-)



Joana (6A): 7.8/10 = 78%

Feedback: (1) In answer #4 it's "Mark" that suggests playing tennis, not "Tom". (2) Your answer #5 is incorrect. "Daisy prefers going to the cinema" is the answer. (3) In answer #6 "Mark likes tennis because...", r #not "Mark like tennis...". (4) In answer #7 you made the same mistake (= fizeste o mesmo erro). It's "Daisy changes her mind...", not "Daisy change her mind...". (5) Daisy, Mark and Tom are going to playing tennis", not just (= não apenas) "Mark and Tom".



Tiago (6B): 6.2/10 = 62%

Feedback: (1) Question #3 is in the S. Present and you answered in the S. Past ("The weather is great, not The weather was great). (2) You don't start answer with "Who suggests playing tennis...". You say the name of the person/s, the verb and the rest of the sentence: "Mark suggests playing tennis". (3) Your answer #3 is wrong in two ways: Daisy prefers going to the cinema, not Daisy prefer watch TV). (4) In answer #6 tennis is good for everyone, not just for Daisy. (5) Answer #7 is "Daisy changes her mind when Tom comes/arrives", not "Daisy change her mind when Tom's coming". (6) Question #9 starts with "Does Mark ask...?", so the answer is "Yes, he does", not "Yes, he ask". (7) In answer #10 you used the S. Past (was), not the S. Present (is). The same problem as in question #3.



Nicole (6B): 3.1/10 = 31%

Feedback: (1) In answer #1 you didn't write the verb. (2) You didn't understand  question #2. (3) In answer #4 you forgot the verb again and gave the wrong name. (4) In answer #5 you say "Daisy prefer at go to the cinema". It is #Daisy prefers going to the cinema". And there's no "at". (5) In answer #8 you didn't write the subject "it" and it isn't just (= apenas) Tom who is going to play tennis. It's the three friends. (6) You didn't understand questions #9 and #10.

I suggest that you try this quiz again in a few days. Keep on practicing, Nicole!  :-)



Marta (6B): 7.8/10 = 78%

Feedback: (1) In answer #4 it's Mark who suggests playing tennis, not Mark and Tom. Also it's "Mark and Tom suggest...", not "Mark and Tom suggests...", because it's plural and there is no "s" in the 3rd person plural. (2) In answer #5 "Daisy prefers going to the cinema", not "Daisy prefers watching tennis on TV". (3) Answer #7 isn't complete. It's "She changes her mind when Tom arrives", not "When Tom arrived". I don't mind accepting the S. Past in the verb, but you should have something before "when". (4) In answer #8 the three of them are going to play tennis, not just Mark and Tom.

You got a nice score, but you can do better.   :-)



Luan (6B): 2.5/10 = 25%

(1) Answer 1 is in the plural: "The youngsters are Mark, Daisy and Tom", not The youngsters is...". (2) Answer 6 is "Because tennis is fun and great for you", not "Because tennis it's fun and great for she".

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