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1. Listen to this dialogue


2. Now read the dialogue in SB p. 24


3. Finally, listen to and read the dialogue


4. You're now prepared to answer a 10 question "pop-up menu" reading comprehension quiz (1).


5. If you want to write your own answers, do this quiz (2)


VIP: Remember to write your first name, class before you start the quiz


Quiz 1


Tiago (6B): 10/10 = 100%

Well done!! Congratulations!!!  :-)



Marta (6B): 7/10 = 70%

Nice work!  :-)


Quiz 2


Margarida (6B): 7.6/8 = 95%

Feedback: In answer #4 you forgot the "s" in the Present: "Because she wants to..." not "Baecause she want to...". In answer #8 it's best to say "... is the same as..." instead of "... is equal to". Remember that there is no "the" before proper names ("... the same as Katie's skirt", not "... the same as the Katie's skirt".

Once again, great work! Congrats!  :-)



Tiago (6B): 6.5/8 = 81%

Feedback: (1) You need to punctuate your sentences: a comma (,) after Yes/No and full stops (.) at the end of sentences. And you need to start sentences with a Capital/Big letter. (2) There is no 's in the S. Present 3rd person singular. (3) In answer 4 it's just an s ("She needs to buy a skirt", not "She need's....". (4) In answer #5 you wrote "She suggest the Cool Chicks", but it's "She suggests "Cool Chicks". There is no "the" before proper nouns. In answer #6 you make the same mistake: "the Pond Street". (5) Your answer #7 is incomplete: only "at twelve o'clock". The correct answer is "They plan to meet at twelve o'clock". (6) You have two mistakes in answer #8. It's "Because her new skirt is the same as her friend's skirt", not "Because is new skirt the same of she's friend".

Good work, Tiago!



Marta (6B): 5.5/8 = 69%

Feedback: (1) In answer #1 you forgot part of the verb. It's "Katie and Daisy are talking on the phone", not "Katie and Daisy talking on the phone". (2) Your answer #4 is incomplete. You say "Because she went shop" and it should be "Because she went shopping for a new skirt". (3) Question #5 aks for a "shop" (Cool Chicks), not a street (Pond Street), as you wrote. You also forgot the "s" in "Katie suggest...". (4) Answer #7 should be "It's at twelve" or "They plan to meet at twelve" (= ao meio-dia), not "It's twelve", which means "É meio-dia". (5) You forgot the verb, "the" before "skirt" and the "'s" in "Katie" in answer #8. It's "Because the skirt is the same as Katie's", not "Because skirt the same as Katie".

Marta, you should doublecheck or reread avery answer very carefully to notice missing details (= para reparar em pequenos detalhes) that make a difference!!!   :-)

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