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1. Listen to this dialogue


2. Now read the dialogue in SB p. 38


3. Finally, listen to and read the dialogue


4. You're now prepared to answer a 10-question "pop-up menu" reading comprehension quiz (1)


5. If you want to write your own answers, do this quiz (2)


VIP: Remember to write your first name, class before you start the quiz




Quiz 1


Gonçalo (6B): 3/10 = 30%

You probably need more concentration. Try it again in a few days.  :-)



Marta (6B): 10/10 = 100%

Great job!  :-)



Quiz 2


Tiago (6B): 7.6/10 = 76%

Feedback: (1) You didn't give a complete answer to question #1. You didn't include the verb and... "are looking at photos". (2) Wrong answer with two spelling mistakes. You don't say "Father's Daisy...", you say "Daisy's father...". But the correct answer is "Katie's father/dad...).  (3) Answer # 5 is in the S. Past and you gave a correct answer in the S. Present! (4) In answer #6 you write "mums" and "sisters" in the plural, not "mum's" and "sister's". No apostrophe in plurals! (5) Question #7 starts with "Did" and you gave a short answer with "are". (6) The same problem in answer #8. The question starts with "Were" and you answered "arent". Why no apostrophe in "arent"??!!

Tiago, you need to be concentrated when working. I know that "you" know this stuff, so you shouldn't make (=não devias fazer) these mistakes. Don't forget that!   :-)



Margarida (6B): 8.7/10 = 87%

Feedback: (1) Question 1 is "Who is looking at photos?". You answered "Katie's father is looking at photos". But it's Daisy, Katie and Tom who are looking at the photos and they are of Katie's dad and remaining family. (2) Question 5 is "Was it really Daisy's mum?". You should answer "No, it wasn't", not "No, she wasn't".

Nice work, Margarida!   :-)


Marta (6B): 9.6/10 = 96%

Feedback: (1) In answer 3 it's "Katie's dad had long hair...", not "Katie's dad had a long hair...". (2) You have wrong word order in answer 4. You say "He thinks is in the next photo Daisy's mum" and it should be "He thinks Daisy's mum is in the next photo", because "Daisy's mum" is the subject of the second sentence.

Very nice work, Marta! Congrats!   :-)



Claudia (6A): 3.7/10 = 37%

Feedback: (1) In answer 3 "Katie's dad" is correct, but it's an incomplete answer. You need to say "Katie's dad had long hair...". (2) In answer 7 you used the wrong verb. The question starts with "Did...?" not "Are...", so the answer is "Yes, they did", not "Yes, they are". In answer 8, it's "No, they weren't", not "No, they aren't", because the question starts with "Were".

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